Your Trusted Accountants - Papamoa & Tauranga BeyondWelcome to Thistle Fern Accounting

If you’re seeking a boutique, client-focused accountant in Papamoa that has the resources to give you the personal touch on your services, then you’ve found the right accountants! It’s our goal to help you build up your business with sound advice and high quality, affordable services that leave you with no more question marks above your financial obligations while running your business or household to the best of its potential. Helping local businesses is our mission, and we are well equipped to help yours. Our Tauranga accounting team are highly skilled and can offer a wide range of financial and payroll services to suit many budgets and requirements in many different industries. When you trust us to take care of your financial paperwork, GST, payroll and accounting needs, you’ll free up so much precious time and wonder why you hadn’t done it years ago.

MYOB & XERO Implementation

We also have the ability to provide ongoing training for Xero and MYOB to suit your business needs.

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Book Keeping Tauranga

From bank reconciliations to comprehensive business checks, we can help your business thrive. To never miss an invoice or a payment, a bookkeeper is your best ally.

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GST & Payroll Services Tauranga

From setting up a new employee to ongoing monthly pay runs processing, get the best advice on Payroll. We give you the peace of mind you need with monthly GST checks and IRD filing.

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Personal Accountants Tauranga

From finance check up, budgeting advice and tax payment we can help you grab a hold of your finance.

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Property Accountants Tauranga

We keep up to date with all the latest legislation and property investment compliance rules so that we can maximise our clients’ investments.

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Business Accountants Tauranga

Valuable insights into your business and highlight areas of weaknesses and strengths to improve your business.

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Why Choose Us As Your Accountants?

We specialise in nearly all kinds of accounting for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as personal finance – so you’re in the right place to find the best accounting partner in Papamoa for all your finance needs! We also provide a personalised approach and attention to your needs, working closely with a designated accountant for you, who will assist you with a highly motivated attitude along your journey, and help you face any business or tax challenge.

We can implement MYOB & XERO

Our real chartered accountants Tauranga, Papamoa also are highly skilled in using popular accounting software MYOB and XERO, which can benefit your business in more ways than one. Thistle Fern accountants Tauranga, Papamoa provide ongoing support and training so you are able to use the software – making the running of your business so much easier and streamlined. Many companies use these two systems to keep their records organised and ergonomic so that even people who struggle with technical systems can easily use the programs. For a business owner, MYOB and XERO are essential accountancy software tools to keep your staff and suppliers paid on time.

We are experienced

While our accounting company, Thistle Fern NZ, is relatively new, our accounting experience is not! With nearly 20 years of experience, our expert accountants Tauranga NZ can help take your finances to where you want them to be with thorough reviews, financial advice and financial planning so that you can smash your goals and move onto the next step! We offer relevant advice to your industry and provide detailed reviews of your finances so that you can really see the trends and be able to make informed decisions about your financial future. Our accountants will also teach you the best accounting Tauranga practices to keep it simple, organised and compliant.

We are always upskilling

Taxation laws are not set in stone, and the Accounting industry can be very dynamic. Our accountants never settle – we strive to be the very best accountants available in Tauranga, Papamoa so are constantly staying up to date with the latest legislation, training and tricks of the trade so that you are benefitting from the very best accounting services possible. We stay up to date with the latest taxation laws at all times, making sure your taxation requirements are always clear and filed correctly every single time.

More on Xero & MYOB Services - Accounting Tauranga

For businesses big and small, or for solo contractors, we offer invoicing and accounting services to help you keep your finances and bills on track – including getting your staff paid correctly and on time every payday.

If you are new to Xero and MYOB, we can take you through how to use them from your own business to make your one-off and recurring payments a lot easier. Great payroll and invoice efficiency make for happy staff members and suppliers. We can help you take care of them.


Tax Returns & Certified Bookkeeping - Accounting Tauranga

Ditch the paperwork and have your tax bill paid correctly, automatically and on time – every time, without even thinking about it. For both business and personal tax returns, we offer a range of services to keep your accounts and receipts in order so no more headaches for you every tax return time!

We are fully qualified to help with all of your day to day bookkeeping to keep every invoice in order and make your expenses and earnings simple to understand and make plans for. We are certified bookkeepers and know a thing or two about keeping order in your finances – one less thing you have to stress about!

When you understand the profit your business is making with clear bookkeeping, then you can make certain decisions to grow, improve and optimise your business dealings. We can provide clear reports on your business or personal finances to help you save for your first home, next venture or achieve a business growth plan.

IRD Advice - Accounting Tauranga

For personal or business accounts, we can advise on a long list of IRD questions including those about paid parental leave, benefits, subsidies and more plus all of the tax considerations you will have to take note of regarding each.

People get caught in IRD loopholes all the time, and end up forking up a lot of tax that they didn’t account for – so make sure you are fully informed on all of your financial decisions by using us as your accountants in Papamoa and Tauranga beyond.

Tauranga & Papamoa Accountants & Business Advisors

Let our team of experienced accountants assist you to business success with professional accounting and tax practice that you know you can trust. Your financial choices are your own, but it can get confusing and at times overwhelming to know how to grow your business, reduce outgoings, or keep invoices ticking over without you having to think hard about it. We want to help your business succeed, whatever that means for you and your goals. We make it our business to take care of all the paperwork while you focus on the goals, the work itself and the tasks that need your attention instead of sorting through a lot of essential paperwork. We can do a thorough audit of your business finances and find the gaps where there could be an improvement and advise you on your options now and in the long term. Partner with us for a wraparound service that serves your business plan.

What Kind of Accountants Are There?Some accountants specialise in certain areas of accounting, so it’s important to understand what kind of Tauranga accountant you are hiring so that your specific needs are met.

Financial Accountant

Financial Accountant, Managing the finances of a business or organisation. Main duties include preparing financial records or statements, taxation returns and reporting on business spending, costs, profits and productivity. In other words, a Financial Accountant helps you check the company’s overall situation to enable you to review your costs and expenses and strategically plan your budget.

Taxation Accountant

Taxation accountants Papamoa provide advice and reports on taxation problems, prepare taxation forms to file for individual or organisational finances, handle disputes over taxation with the taxation authorities, and stay up to date with the latest laws and legislation regarding taxation. They are the go-to person if you are looking to review your current tax situation, and avoid unnecessary tax payments and save money to keep your cash flow healthier in this way.

Management Accountant

Management accountants firms Tauranga identify what kind of financial information a business or organisation needs in order to make good financial decisions, give advice on potential financial risks as well as planning. They are of particular importance when you are looking to expand your business or invest and require a thorough analysis to decide on an opportunity and its associated risks. They also create reports for managers to review.

Systems Accountant

Specialising in business IT systems, systems accountants review and identify issues with business performance to ensure systems and processes run smoothly and efficiently for the best business performance. They work together with IT teams to develop new effective systems while also maintaining the financial system policies.

Choose Thistle Fern Accounting today! Your local Tauranga Accountants!

We are your local Tauranga & Papamoa Accountants. Whether you are looking for a personal or business accountant, Thistle Fern Accounting is one of Papamoa’s top accountants providing complete accounting services for bookkeeping right through to accounting advice and accounting software implementation. Choose Thistle Fern Accounting today as your local Tauranga & Papamoa Accountants.

About Thistle Fern Accounting - Papamoa AccountantsWho We Are

Thistle Fern exists to help small to medium-size enterprises realise their true potential. While we are a relatively new company, although Laura comes with over 17 years of experience in accounting services from small tasks such as bookkeeping right through to tax, GST, payroll and accounting advice.

We are the accountants in Papamoa working hard to help fulfil the financial goals of small to medium-sized businesses all over Tauranga and offer truly affordable services to help you find your place in your industry.

Our aim is to reduce our clients’ stress levels by taking care of their accounting tasks and we continue to up-skill ourselves so that we can provide you with the best tips and tricks to get your compliance and admin done simply and effectively.

Meet the Thistle Fern Accounting Team

With Laura at the helm of our ship, Thistle Fern employs skilled accountants who all come with their own specialities and personal touches to suit every need.

To find your perfect accountant in Tauranga, book a no-obligation meeting with us today and start dreaming about what you’ll do with all that spare time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The simplest definition of Accounting is the process of organised recording of a business’ transactions, and it’s a key function to any organisation – or household -. If keeping your finances organised gives you stress, or tax return time makes you sweat just a little bit, then you’re in the right place to find a service for those financial tasks to be taken care of! Don’t waste time fretting over the financial organisation, our team at Thistle Fern are highly experienced in all matters of accounting so that your finances are properly taken care of. If you’re after trusted accountants in the Papamoa and wider Tauranga area, then you’re absolutely in the right place! Seeking business and personal accountants in Tauranga is much easier when you understand what accountants are actually doing, how they help you or your business, and why you are paying them. Surely, accounting isn’t that hard? It’s easy enough to do on your own. Right? Well, not exactly. Here’s the lowdown on accountants and what they can do for you and your business.

Accountants, on the forefront, are incredibly skilled with bookkeeping, mathematical understanding and have spent copious amounts of time learning the rules of finance applicable to New Zealand government laws. Being mathematical heavyweights, accountants take expert care of all of your financial dealings, being able to quickly spot any and all discrepancies in the bookkeeping so that those gaps can be rectified and straightened out. Not only that but also tax and annual returns, tax minimisation, payroll, financial forecasting and reporting also fall under the duties of an Accountant Tauranga.

Accountants are qualified to offer relevant financial advice to individuals or businesses and help them manage their financial affairs effectively, and when possible, profitably. Their primary task is to prepare financial statements and records that are accurate so that the client can get a clear overview of what is happening with their finances. Accountants will keep a running track record of your business profits and spending to produce accurate reports so that you can really see the potential growth of your business’s wealth laid out in black and white. You can organise these ‘business health check’ reports weekly, monthly and/or annually so that you always know what state your business is in financially, and can start recognising the dips and trends to plan for your business’s future. 

Their primary task is to prepare financial statements and records that are accurate so that the client can get a clear overview of what is happening with their finances. Accountants are qualified to offer relevant financial advice to individuals or businesses and help them manage their financial affairs effectively, and when possible, profitably. Accountants will keep a running track record of your business profits and spending to produce accurate reports, so that you can really see the potential growth of your business’s wealth laid out in black and white. You can organise these ‘buisness health check’ reports weekly, monthly and/or annually so that you always know what state your business is in financially, and can start recognising the dips and trends to plan for your business’ future. 

Business accountants are in charge of the business finances, organised bookkeeping, tax returns, GST and payroll – therefore paying your staff correctly and on time. When your business starts growing, recruiting and hiring workers becomes a must. Employing personnel and correct payroll set up can be demanding, and it’s crucial you know the current and applicable legislation to fully comply when you hire employees. Our accountants can aid you to calculate the hours and pay rate of each staff member or contractor, and let you know how much you need to withhold for quarterly payroll taxes. GST and payroll are a day-to-day expectation of good Papamoa area accountants to make your life much easier when managing your own team of staff and contractors. An accountant can be of great use to invoice your customers, send them the invoices and statements. They also make sure they are paid in a timely fashion and send late notices to outstanding balances while keeping a detailed report on everything so that you always know how much cash you have in the bank to use, and what is being held for an upcoming invoice.

If you’re setting up your new business in Papamoa or the wider Tauranga area, you’re going to have to register as sole proprietor or LLC. If you are in doubt, an accountant can help you figure out which one is going to be best for your particular business. The accountant will even help you with the paperwork! Your accountant is also qualified to offer relevant advice on the best financial options, advice on assets protection with the right insurance policy for you and your business, payroll programs and ongoing support to make sure your business gets the best headstart financially.

Bookkeepers take the hassle out of your hands as they are responsible for recording every invoice and transaction accurately and daily reconcile your bank accounts to make sure you don’t forget to account for anything in your system. They also work hand-in-hand with an accountant to provide financial information and monthly reports to business managers and owners. Some other responsibilities include accounts payable, receivable and payroll tasks, and even become involved in more strategic planning.

Xero & MYOB are cloud-based accounting software to help you keep track of your finances, store documentation, and easily reconcile your bank transactions as they connect online to your bank accounts. Besides, plenty of apps can be added to them to meet your business needs. They are incredibly intuitive and user-friendly, so they are highly recommended for business owners, or contractors, who are just starting their business. In other words, they’re Accounting made simple and fun! Our Tauranga, Papamoa accountants can also be granted access to your Xero or MYOB to remotely check any data if required and even obtain reports or file directly to Inland Revenue Department (IRD). Thistle Fern Accounting Tauranga & Papamoa can provide both of these systems for your business, help you with the setup, and give you the best training you need to get the most out of them. 

By law, you are entitled to a number of cost deductions from your income. In order to achieve an efficient tax minimisation, our Accountants will work closely with you to ensure you know with precision what you can legally deduct from your income figure at the end of your financial year to avoid any tax overpayments.

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