Why Should I Hire An Accountant?

The Benefits You May Not be Considering!

Hiring an accountant may seem like an unnecessary spend for your business or personal finances, because how hard can it be to do yourself?

Right? If you go it alone, you will very soon find out! Thousands of people in Tauranga are benefitting from qualified accounting services, making their lives that much easier.

We will dive into a small look at what you could be getting by hiring an experienced accountant to keep all of your bookkeeping in working order!

  • Clear budgeting advice
    Useful advice on how to handle your finances is worth its weight in gold! Hiring an accountant to calculate your budgeting requirements to reach goals or growth is just like hiring a plumber to fix your pipes. They have the relevant, qualified knowledge and expertise to get your finances ‘fixed’, as it were, to help you look at all of the information with clear eyes and understand how to budget for you to attain your financial goals.
  • Organised and accurate business finances
    Suppose payroll, business tax returns, GST, financial reconciliation and year-round bookkeeping makes you shudder just a little bit. If it does, your Tauranga business is going to benefit from an expert taking care of it all for you. Accountants can take everything that seems messy and consolidate it so that your business is a well-oiled machine when it comes to financial issues. Don’t leave your business finances to guesswork, as it could be holding it back from making maximum profit. Making sure your staff is paid correctly, and on time, your tax returns are accurate and filed promptly is of upmost professional importance. Having access to proper financial reviews paints a clear picture of your business’s potential future and growth – making your new accountant a crucial member of your business plan.
  • Personal tax returns
    If you freelance or take the odd job alongside your salary, and don’t feel like you need the full business treatment, but could do with some financial organisation – then an accountant can help you straighten out of your income sources. They can help you with your various tax brackets and set some budgeting/growth plans for your future and help you with the tax returns that can get more complicated with multiple income sources.
  • Stress Relief
    Finance is one of the leading causes of extreme stress in people running businesses and households in Tauranga – and the whole world over. When the end of the financial year looms, it can put immense pressure on you to finally consolidate and organise all of your expenses and income, which adds stress to your life and even your business. Not taking the steps throughout the year to keep all of these details orderly so that you can find them again is an easy mistake as life gets in the way – but an accountant’s job is to straighten it all out. Once straightened, they keep your books tidy and file your tax returns on time – all you have to do is make sure you keep your receipts somewhere safe to give to your accountant! That’s one stress we know most people could do without. The worry about paying your staff and invoices on time, or keeping track of money owed is not on your shoulders anymore, which leaves you free to take care of the rest of your business or lifestyle! We’d say that’s a big draw for most of our own Thistle Fern customers who can finally relax come tax time!
  • MYOB & XERO training
    Two of the leading financial programs used by businesses, our Tauranga-based accountants at Thistle Fern could help implement these systems and provide ongoing training on how to make the most of them if that was a direction you wanted to take your business in! We stay up to date with the latest innovations for financial bookkeeping and payroll so that we can use them to support your business needs, keeping you ahead of the curve!
  • Property Investment Accounting
    Another string to an accountant’s bow! Good accountants stay up to date with the latest legislation, homeownership rules and rates and understanding of the market so that we can maximise our client’s investment. Take the guesswork out of your property investing and let a trusted accountant take care of your financial assets, keeping them safe, and headed for growth.
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